Presentation letter

September 2012

It’s very important to us children’s food.

Their health and wellness depends on what they eat.

That’s why since September, Blauet has a dietary adviser who takes care about the food served at school.

As a parent, you can know what your child will eat through our web site. We will also put interesting articles about food.

During the first quarter, a talk will be scheduled at school, to meet our dietary adviser and ask her all doubts about feeding children.

We invite you to participate in this new initiative. Your experiences, questions and proposals will be more than welcome.

Best regards,

Arantxa Poveda Ortoll.

Food control

Since one year old, the child can almost eat everything: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits… However, we have to take care about how and which foods we give. Some of them are hard to swallow or to digest. Some of them may give stomachache, discomfort or indigestion.

All babies under 1 year old should avoid this foods:

  1. Salt: the baby doesn’t need it because is not used to it. Too much salt can damage his kidneys.
  2. Sugar: the baby doesn’t need too much sugar. Milk and fruits have already natural sugar.
  3. Milk and dairy products: since the first year the baby needs breast milk. Cow and coat milk don’t give the nutrients needed along his first year. Their fats and proteins can harm the stomach.
  4. Honey: it’s not recommended for babies under one year old. It may irritate.
  5. Eggs: may cause allergic reactions. You can start with the yolk and introduce the egg white after 1 year.
  6. Shellfish: Before the first year it may cause allergic reactions.
  7. Vegetables: Increase peristalsis. From 10 months old, the baby can eat them moderately.
  8. Red fruits: strawberries and raspberry may cause allergic reactions.
  9. Dried fruit and nuts: nuts, almonds, peanuts and others are not recommended the first year of the child because they may cause allergic reactions. If there is an allergy on the family, it’s recommended to wait until the 2 years old.
  10. Food that can drown the baby: we have to avoid grapes, cherries, sweets, pop-corn, olives and nuts.

As always, the patience of observation and the common sense must prevail when chose the baby’s food. We must pay attention on food but also in the quantity. If the children eat big plates it may cause obesity or overweight. They must eat varied and qualitative food.

News dietary service

Barcelona, September 2012

D.N Advisory diet and nutrition center advise about the menus and the Escola Bressol Blauet food proposals.

D.N has a professional team, all graduated with extensive experience. They control the quality food and are part of the advisory center staff.

The menus served in Escola Bressol Blauet pass through a rigorous quality, hygiene, elaboration, frequency of consumption and portion sizes control.

Our dietician expert is able to solve any dietary requirement: celiac, allergies, intolerances, always in close collaboration with child’s doctor.

The menus offer comply rules regarding different food combinations, frequency of consumption, culinary techniques employed established by the Department health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Lucía Bultó Sagnier and Elena Maestre